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Posted on Mon Feb 22, 2016 2:54 pm.
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Activity: I do not work, and I'm around quite a bit. But I do have other hobbies and relationships I like to devote my time to. And I also have sleep pattern problems and health issues that kill my brain. I post when I want to, or feel up for it, while it can be frequent, it can also be sparse. However, I always make sure to keep my activity updated in my member page so you'll always be notified of my activity status.

Posting Style: I always post in first person. I do not match post size, and I very rarely proof read. I always use italics surrounded by quotation marks for NPC's or any secondary characters. I always use the dialogue code for my first character. I always use line breaks to indicate a time skip or to help separate conflicting conversations. And lastly, flashbacks or dream sequences will always be entirely in italics and separated with a line break.

Posting Niche: Doom and gloom is my niche, and everything that comes with that including mental and physical torment. If it's deeply depressing, insanely fucked up/twisted, infuriatingly dark, or menacingly gory, it's right up my alley. But I also really enjoy romance (yes, I'm not afraid to admit it) and everything that comes with that, including smut and ships and breakups and makeups. I'd say I actually need both my doom and gloom and romance in order to completely enjoy my role play experience.

Posting Preference: I'll write anything that fits into the Index universe canon. There is no need to fade to black with me or give me trigger warnings. I am open to anything. The only thing I will not tolerate is people passing judgement on pairings, plots, threads, characters, or role players. If you don't like it, don't read it! The only people that know what is canon for their characters, is the people playing said characters.

What I'd like to see more of: Intimate relationships, hands down. I find it incredibly strange that most of our characters are in their twenties/thirties and they aren't dating. They just aren't. And if they do, I feel there is this fear people feel over allowing their characters to love. I personally find nothing wrong with falling in and out of love, in both real life, and in role play. It's just a part of life. It doesn't matter if your character is in love for a week, or a decade, I think it's important to let them feel it and for the character and the writer to admit it. It is nothing to be ashamed of!

The only other thing I personally feel is lacking and I'd like to see more of is friendships. I have a secret love for ''the sisterhood'' and ''the brotherhood'', meaning, I love the bonds between women and bonds between men in friendships. None of my characters have actually had a played best friend, and that to me is incredibly sad. Even having a group of friends is something I feel is too hard to come by. In fact, I think it's the missing bonds of friendship that make plots fall a little flat most of the time.

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