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[Announcement] Welcome to the New Index! Yas10
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Posted on Mon Feb 22, 2016 3:02 am.
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[Announcement] Welcome to the New Index! Empty [Announcement] Welcome to the New Index!

Hello Guest!
Welcome to the new Index!


+ There is a new feature, banner images! These can be uploaded offsite and linked within the profile for each of your accounts. But there are strict size requirements. A single pixel off and you risk breaking the threads. So make sure when creating banner images for your OOC and IC accounts they are precisely 1024 pixels wide, and 244 pixels tall.

Your avatar will overlap these banner images in threads, as you can see above, so if you're someone that wants to include text on your banner image, but don't want your text hidden behind your avatar, I've created a guide for you to edit your image onto in your editing program of choice with the avatar slot cut out: HERE

If you don't want to create and link a banner image right away, don't worry, a default image will show instead. Please keep in mind, banner images are required, as without them, threads will be broken, so you're forbidden from removing the default image unless you're replacing it with your own. If you don't wish to keep the default image, and you don't feel like creating a replacement, you can choose from some various premades HERE instead.

+ When posting images in threads, the new maximum width is 950 pixels. The height is infinite.

+ Lightbox has been removed, temporarily. But will be making a return soon!


+ Signatures are no longer a part of the forum. Which might be a disappointment to some, but remember, we now have banner images instead for your image and quote needs.


+ Avatars have been shrunk down again. They will resize to fit the forum,. But as they are no longer rectangular in shape, meaning you might have issues centering your characters face in the borders of your avatar space if you upload an image that is rectangular. If this is a problem you've encountered, the avatar size is 200 x 200 pixels, a perfect square.


Hashtags are once again a part of the forum, and a permanent feature this time. You can use them however you wish, to keep track of your threads, your solos, or anything else. You can even tag other members or characters in threads, and they will receive a notification notifying them that they have been mentioned in a thread!


You can once again like posts, and much like hashtags, this is a permanent feature of Index. You can like posts by clicking the little thumb icon at the top right of every post.


Once you scroll past a certain point in the forum, you'll notice a little moon with an arrow on it appear in the bottom right corner of your screen. Clicking this will scroll you all the way back to the top of the forum. This is especially useful when reading long threads.


Navigating Index is a bit different than before. The toolbar should still offer you everything you need if you decide not to use the buttons provided at the top of the forum. But if you, I've written up a little guide informing you of where you can find everything.

In the white part of the forum, and at the divide where the forum turns from white, to black is where you'll find everything you need for navigating Index.

Starting at the white part of the forum, the left column. Hovering over your avatar will display the name of the account you're signed into. The five buttons below this are our basic navigation. You have direct access to editing your profile, and your inbox. And then three larger links to the forum page, the portal page, and a quick logout button. Below that are OOC general discussion links featuring popular threads. This will rarely be updated and only feature the basics. If you want to keep track of other threads in general discussion, it is suggested you watch the topics.

The third column in is mainly aimed for new members, but again can be quite useful for current members as this is how you can access the F.A.Q. and supernatural outlines. If a new person registers, however, this is the column you'll want to direct them to, as it contains the forum rules, how to register and apply, and the register button.

At the divide is where you'll find our circle links. I had pondered over whether this was needed for quite a while before deciding it was important enough to have it's own special spot. You can access the member list, groups, and the moon in the middle is a quick link that will direct you back to the main board, and then you have access to the dictionary and thesaurus.


You'll also notice we have the setting information right at the top of the forum and a mood image to get people into the Index vibe. And the very last column at the top is purely informational. Updates, time in Index, Washington, and upcoming/current event news are the most important. The bottom box is just quick contact for new or current members that need to speak with an administrator.


Mini profiles can be accessed by clicking a members username anywhere on the forum. This will display as a popup, and will contain everything you need to know about a member quickly, without visiting their member page. The players OOC name and age, character details, and a contact tab so you can quickly visit their member page or send them a P.M. Or, if you want to view their statistics, there will be a link at the bottom left corner of this popup to view their full profile.

Mini profiles have also been changed in the editor, and no longer feature a long list of fields for you to fill out. Instead, when editing your mini profile there are a few basic fields, and one large field box for you to put all of your characters basic physical and supernatural information. There is a better explanation and guide for profiles HERE under How to Register & Apply Step 5, and even a quick copy code for your characters physical details.


The portal is a bit different. There are two new additions to this page. The first is the ''notes'' box, which is a private location for you to keep track of your current threads, leave yourself some RP reminders, or store any other information you want. These notes can only be viewed by you, and store to your browsers cache/cookies, so using a different browser to view Index will not display your notes, and clearing your cache/cookies will clear your notes.

Our latest topics module is now equipped with a scroll box, and since we no longer have a link to ''today's active topics'' you can also find this link within this module.

You still have access to the top posters information, and as some of you might have noticed, the ''who is online'' box is no longer at the bottom of the forum, and instead tucked away on the portal.

I believe that covers the basics. This thread is to be used to report theme issues, broken links, or ask questions. Please use this forum to report anything, and if you can, provide screenshots if you're encountering any issues that are preventing you from using the forum. If you share your issues in slack, chances are, I'll forget to take care of the issue, so again, please use this forum to report any problems.

The only other things worth mentioning are the following:

+ Memberlist: This has been redesigned. Hovering over avatars on this page will display the users name. Clicking avatars will take you to the users enlarged mini profile.

+ Groups: While the supers list is still a part of the forum as a separate thread, I've also added super groups - AOG, wolves, vampires, & witches/warlocks. So you can browse all of the super characters from this page.

+ The threads: You can view the posters name and species/rank right below the thread title at the upper left corner of the posts. Clicking their name will open their mini profile.

+ Posting: Posting is cleaner as I've removed unnecessary toolbar buttons and the smilies box.

Are you wondering where your mini profile information is? Don't worry! I screenshotted everything, and saved all of your linked items. Just find your name in THIS FOLDER and download the rar. <3

Vincent Byrne
[Announcement] Welcome to the New Index! Yas10
Wolf; Pack Master/Alpha
Posted on Mon Feb 22, 2016 3:17 am.
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